Superior screening technology for improved results and high efficiency

You need screening technology that’s durable, efficient, and cost effective. In an industry where the right technology makes all the difference, you simply can’t afford to settle for second-rate equipment. We offer top of the line innovative screening solutions for your critical operations.

Screening solutions to improve productivity

Vibrating Screens
Find the ideal screens for your operation. Get Dry Vibrating Screens that are efficient, durable, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of sizes for all your mining applications. Our expert staff will advise you on the optimum screen size and configuration.
ABON Rollerscreens are specifically designed to give you a low maintenance, high efficiency screening process with a compact footprint.
Rotary screens
For effective solid from solid and solid from liquid separation, you can rely on our durable, high-quality rotary screens. Get your processes up and running quickly with complete units available for fast delivery and installation.
Screen media
Find the best screen media for all your needs. As the premier manufacturer of stainless steel, carbon steel, polyurethane, rubber and woven wire screening systems, we offer you the most comprehensive and innovative range of Meshcape screen surface media.
Wet gravity screens
Rely on experience. For many years, our wet gravity screens have been used as the premier separation solution for wet products in mining. Our wet gravity screens provide you optimum performance and deliver superior results.