Calcining and roasting

Maximise your productivity with customised pyroprocessing systems and solutions

We offer customised system solutions for your application. Every application is fully vetted and the appropriate unit operations selected to meet your requirements in terms of product specifications, operational efficiency and emissions while minimising your project’s lifecycle costs. All is supported by our global team from initial material testing and conceptual design through to firm system design, supply, installation and operation.

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Alumina Gas Suspension Calciner

As new technologies emerge within refineries and aluminium smelters, the drivers for change are consistently tied to economy of scale, energy efficiency and particle breakdown. Our engineers analysed each step within the alumina calcination process and made numerous enhancements to improve performance while reducing costs. 
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Uniflow Burner

Our multichannel burners are ideal for thermal processing, as they combine versatility with quality, promising to boost your refinery’s output. With our products, our goal is always to satisfy
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Gear Drive Rotary Kiln

Your kiln is central to your plant operation. However, kilns don’t have it easy; operating in extreme environments and for extended periods of time, these kilns are subjected to a significant amount ...
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Friction Drive Rotary Kiln

Our Friction Drive Rotary Kiln offers high production capacity and requires minimal energy and space. The two-base design saves on construction time and costs, and this rotary kiln never needs kiln ...
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Indirectly Heated Rotary Kiln

With years of experience behind us, we have developed an indirectly heated rotary kiln that provides solutions to previous concerns, such as poor service life and high fuel consumption. We offer an ...
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Stationary dryers - Flash Dryer / Flash Heater

Your fine grain materials are vital to your business, but removing their surface moisture can be a time consuming, costly task. Our Flash Dryers / Heaters offer a solution. By using gas suspension drying (GSD), fine materials can be dried quickly and inexpensively, allowing for increased throughput for your business.
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Fluxo Cooler

Our Fluxo Cooler is a robust machine that uses fluidised-bed technology, providing you with a sufficient material processing experience, while aiding to reduce complexity at your refinery.
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MCP™ Preheater

Unparalleled in its simplicity of design and flexibility, FLSmidth’s MCP Preheater has proven its ability to deliver improved capital costs and better performance.
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Rotary Cooler - Direct

The direct rotary cooler provides a robust cooling solution, which aims to efficiently recover heat from hot solids and yield a product meeting your downstream temperature requirements.
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Rotary Dryer

When it comes to drying and processing raw materials, sometimes the biggest issue standing between you and your goals is the time cost associated with parts availability. Offering quick turnaround and increased availability, our FT Series Rotary Dryers ensure that you don’t have to wait on the equipment to do the job.
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Vertical Incinerator

Increasing sustainability while improving production

Our durable, high-quality Vertical Incinerator solutions are designed to optimise your calcination processes. By recycling rotary kiln exhaust gases, our Vertical Incinerators are able to cut energy costs and harmful emissions, while maximising steam production

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